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Officially the: Republic of Kosova from 1991 year until 2000 year
Country: Kosovo
Continent: Europe
National name: Republika e Kosovë
Capital: Pristina
Area: 10887 sq. km.
Population: 2000000 people
state flag Republic of Kosova
Emblem is not present in base
History: The Republic of Kosova was a secessionist state proclaimed in 1991 by a parallel parliament representing the Ethnic Albanian population of Kosovo. During its peak it established its own parallel political institutions in opposition to the Serb-dominated institutions of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija.

The Republic of Kosova was formally disbanded in 2000 when its institutions were replaced by the Joint Interim Administrative Structure established by the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). During its lifetime, the Republic of Kosova was only recognized by Albania.
The territory of State: borders Montenegro, Albania, and the Republic of Macedonia.
Political order: president
Governor: English Albanian Serbian
Languages: Republic
General religion: Self-appointed

Currencies in circulation
name from to
German mark 1999 2000