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Officially the: Caliphate of Cairo from 973 year until 1517 year
Country: Egypt
Continent: Africa
Capital: Cairo
state flag Caliphate of Cairo
Emblem is not present in base
History: auhar immediately began the building of a new city, Cairo, to furnish quarters for the army which he had brought. A palace for the Caliph and a mosque for the army were immediately constructed, which for many centuries remained the centre of Muslim learning. However, the Carmathians of Damascus under Hasan al-Asam advanced through Palestine to Egypt, and in the autumn of 971 Jauhar found himself besieged in his new city.
Ayyubid dynasty (1174–1342) (Cairo)
Mamluk Sultanate (1250-1517) (Cairo) (Sultanat al-Mamalik)
The Ottoman Sultan Selim I defeated the Mamluks and captured Cairo on January 20, 1517, transferring the center of power to Istanbul. However, the Ottoman Empire retained the Mamluks as the Egyptian ruling class. The Mamluks and the Burji family regained much of their influence, but technically remained vassals of the Ottomans.
Political order:
Governor: Sovereign state