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Officially the: Jubbaland State from 1998 year to now
Country: Somalia
Continent: Africa
National name: Dooxada Jubba
Other name: Juba Valley
Capital: Kismayo
Area: 87000 sq. km.
Population: 1300000 people in 2005 year
state flag Jubbaland State
Emblem is not present in base
History: Since the civil war in Somali in early 1990s, there were numerous fighting all in the hope of controlling Kismayo city. The JVA, short for Jubba Valley Authority had the longest control of Kismayo. This was due to the support the JVA got from the larger Marehan tribe inside Kismayo.

In late August 2006, the Islamic Courts Union seized control of all of Lower and Middle Juba, including the key city of Kismayo, and established its own administration. The JVA ruled only in Gedo and suffered a number of defections and surrenders of their commanders and militias. However, in late December 2006 the JVA, now incorporated into the Transitional Federal Government, with the military support of Ethiopia, retook the Juba Valley.
On January 1, 2007, Kismayo was taken by the TFG and Ethiopian forces.
The territory of State: is the southwesternmost part of Somalia, on the far side of the Juba River (thus "Trans"-Juba), bordering on Kenya.
Political order: Somali English
Governor: Self-appointed

Currencies in circulation
name from to
Somali Shilling to now