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Officially the: Empire of Ashanti from 1670 year until 1869 year
Country: Ghana
Continent: Africa
National name: Asanteman
Other name: Asante Empire, Ashanti Confederacy or Asanteman
Capital: Kumasi
Area: 259000 sq. km.
Population: 3000000 people in 1874 year
state flag Empire of Ashanti
Emblem is not present in base
History: Founded - 1670
Independence from Denkyira - 1701
British protectorate - 1896
Restoration of monarchy -1935
Incorporation into Ghana - 1957
Dissolved - 1902
The territory of State: stretched from central Ghana to present day Togo and Cote d' Ivoire, bordered by the Dagomba kingdom to the north and Dahomey to the east
Political order: monarch
Languages: Kingdom
General religion: Sovereign state