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Kara-Khanid Khanate (Uzbekistan) in 1212 year Were a part
Empire of Goryeo (Korea (South)) in 1392 year Were a part
Pagan Kingdom (Myanmar) in 1287 year Were a part
Chernihiv Principality (Ukraine) in 1246 year Were a part
… (Kazakhstan) in 1222 year Were a part

History up to 1243 year

Mongol Empire (Mongolia) separation
Golden Horde

History from 1438 Year

dividing Nogai Horde (Russia)
dividing Khanate of Sibir (Russia)
dividing Great Horde (Mongolia)
dividing Khanate of Kazan (Russia)
dividing Crimean Khanate (Ukraine)

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Kingdom of Great Joseon (Korea (South)) in 1392 year Send from structure
(Russia) in 13 age Send from structure